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Who is administrator?

Company JettyVision s.r.o., with the residence in Modřanská 621/72, Modřany, 143 00 Prague 4, Company ID: 05493692, registered at the Municipal court in Prague, folder C, part 264571, as an operator of this website (further only „Administrator“), records on this website your IP address and files of cookies, which are used here with the purpose of:

  • measuring the visit rate of the website and creating statistics dealing with visit rate and behavior of visitors on the websites;
  • operation of the web pages.

Range of cookies and the purpose of processing

Cookies collection with the purpose stated in paragraph 1 can be taken as personal data processing. Such processing is possible based on legal grounds – authorized interest of the Administrator, and enables it in article 6 par. 1 letter f) regulation of the European parliament and Council (EU) no. 2016/679 about the protection of physical people in connection with personal data processing and free transfer of the data and about the cancellation of regulation 95/46/ES (general regulation about the protection of personal data) (before and on only „Regulation“).

Web pages can be used also in the mode which does not enable data collection about the behavior of the visitors of the web – this mode is possible either to adjust within the browser setting, or it is possible to raise objection against such a collection based on authorized interest of the Administrator as per article 21 Regulation, by writing to contact address info@jettyvision.com. Your objection will be then processed immediately, at latest within 30 days after obtaining it. Cookies are necessary for function of the web and will be kept only for the time necessary for function of the web.

If you raise objection against processing of technical cookies necessary for function of the web pages, it is not possible to guarantee in such a case complete function and compatibility of the web pages.

Cookies, which are collected with the purpose of measuring the visit rate of the web and generation of statistics dealing with visit rate and behavior of the visitors on the web are considered in the form of collective total and pseudonym version which enables identification of an individual only by exercising considerable and professional effort. Cookies for generation of statistics are processed based on your approval. The approval you grant by setting of your web browser, that means that you permit in your web browser saving of the cookies. The approval you grant for the period which is stated further in the individual statistics cookies. Approval of the data collation of files of cookies for the marketing purposes can be any time taken back and that is by means of change of the setting of the given internet browser.

Cookies are saved for the time which is stated further in the individual types of cookies.

Transferring the personal data to processor and third parties

Collected files of cookies are processed by next processors:

  • Provider of service Google Analytics, performed by company Google Inc., with the residence in 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA;
  • Provider of platform WordPress, performed by company Automattic Inc. 60 29th Street #343 San Francisco, CA 94110 United States of America

The above stated platforms (processors) further handle the cookies based in accordance with their contract conditions, which you can find mainly here:

Your rights in connection with the protection of personal data

Please acknowledge that according to the Regulation you have right to:

  • require from the Administrator information, which of your personal data they process, eventually to ask for a copy,
  • ask from the Administrator the access to these data and to have the data updated or corrected, possible also limit the processing,
  • require from the Administrator deletion of the personal data – the deletion is performed if the deletion is not in conflict with the valid legal regulations and authorized interest of the Administrator,
  • in case of personal data processing based on the approval to require transfer of the data,
  • in case of doubts about keeping the duties connected with personal data processing to turn to the Administrator or the Office for the protection of personal data, or the court.

Cookies overview

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