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Do you need to give intelligence to robots? Robotics and automation create more opportunities than ever

You can improve quality and reduce delivery times while simultaneously lowering costs.

Robotics and automation in manufacturing process are highly cost-effective. Robots can be programmed to operate 24/7, thanks to unique 3D calibration process, can reach required accuracy of 0.02mm, can be customized to perform complex functions and improve quality throughout the entire production process. They can also help you to collect data from your production previously inaccessible.

With high demands on robotic applications and thanks to our specialization, we are able to meet Industry 4.0 and your requirements to deliver a comprehensive and tailor-made solution.


To increase the intelligence of your robots, we have knowledge and experience to support you with these solutions:

Robot navigation using camera systems

Camera systems are designed for accurate navigation in production where positioning without feedback is no longer sufficient.


Robotic assembly stations with special tools

Robotic workplaces and assembly lines create specific tasks for which conventional robot grippers are no longer sufficient.