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Do you need to improve quality of production or quality control in your manufacturing process?

Machine vision is an innovation that helps industrial and manufacturing companies maintain a high quality standard of production. Our tailor-made camera systems are designed for hazardous environments of glassworks, metallurgical industry, dusty environments of construction materials industry or high tact production in electrotechnical industry, among others.


We have knowledge and experience to support you with improvement of quality control in your manufacturing process with these solutions:

Inspection of extremely hot products

Our solution for automated optical inspection is a camera system designed for contactless measurement and control of hot objects, especially glass products and semi-finished products at a temperature of up to 1400 °C.


Dome control station for quality check of small products on the line

This universal control station is designed to be built into lines and control stations where a high production cycle and stability of output quality are required.


Inspection of outer and inner surfaces of products

Precise product surface inspection, including cavity control in products, using a borescope method.


Inspection of glossy surfaces and bodywork

Measuring equipment for quality control of glossy surfaces by reflectometry.


Product inspection by light transmission – vision inspection system

This type of equipment is primarily used to check cracks and holes in the membrane.