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Do you need to increase production productivity? Our solutions will help you to reach zero defect rate in your production

Thanks to the measurements, you will be able to produce and sell more products because you reduce waste in production.

Cameras with protective features with minimal maintenance requirements will help you monitor effectively, even in difficult production conditions.

You will experience reduced downtime that would otherwise be caused by the need for adjustment and repairs.


We have knowledge and experience to support you with increasing production productivity with these solutions:

Robotic assembly stations with special tools

Robotic workplaces and assembly lines create specific tasks for which conventional robot grippers are no longer sufficient.


Dome control station for quality check of small products on the line

This universal control station is designed to be built into lines and control stations where a high production cycle and stability of output quality are required.


Rolled length measurement online

Our solution is a device for the measurement of the length of a rolled product on production lines of metallurgical operations.


Profile measurement in backlight illumination

OpaSol is a measuring station used for contactless measurement of dimensions of components.