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Metallurgical industry

Do you need a comprehensive range of measuring devices with a focus on measuring hot products? Do you want to integrate such a device into your current operating conditions?

For the specific and demanding conditions of metallurgical operation and for its individual areas, measuring systems are created, which manage demanding measurements in conditions where the device is subjected to high temperature, water cooling, smoke, smoke and steam, as well as exact, laboratory table gauges.

These measuring devices form a complete line for your metallurgical needs and can be expanded modularly, using other control systems. Based on your needs, the devices are integrated into existing operating conditions to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of your production.


Thanks to the measurements, you will give your customers the dimensions they expect from you.


Thanks to the measurements, you will be able to produce and sell more products because you reduce waste in production.


By controlling quality, you will identify defective products before they reach your customer and are claimed.


By increasing the quality of your products, you will increase demand from your customers.

Selected solutions for this industry:

Rolled length measurement online

Our solution is a device for the measurement of the length of a rolled product on production lines of metallurgical operations.


Measurement of rolling profile offline - Laboratory equipment

This is a tabletop 3D product measurement device, based on the principle of laser triangulation.


Measurement of rolling profile offline - Operating Equipment

A stand-alone operating equipment device for accurate 3D measurement of the dimensions of samples under heavy conditions of metallurgical operation.


Measurement of railway wheels and similar products

The device is designed for contactless 3D measurement and control of the shape of railway wheels.


Online laser measurement of rolled product profiles

The measurement of profiles of rolled products online is a contactless device that allows laser measurement of profiles of rolled cold and hot products directly in operation.


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