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Do you want to teach your robot new things? Do you need it to recognize identical and non-conforming products? Do you need it to be able to assemble independently machined manufactured parts more precisely without needing to position the products precisely, or do you need it to be able to manipulate products more quickly?

With ever higher demands on robotic applications and thanks to our specialization, we are able to meet Industry 4.0 and your requirements to deliver a comprehensive and tailor-made solution.

When deploying these advanced systems and merging the acquired data with the superior system’s pre-set data, you can manage the processes of the production line or the whole production process in more efficient and completely new ways.


A higher degree of automation makes production more efficient and productive, thus increasing your competitiveness.


You are doing tasks that have not been possible at all or with difficulty.


Thanks to camera systems, your robots will have higher intelligence.

Robotic applications allow you to statistically monitor the set processes.

Selected solutions for this industry:

Industrial robots

Repair robots

Robot navigation using camera systems

Camera systems are designed for accurate navigation in production where positioning without feedback is no longer sufficient.


Robotic assembly stations with special tools

Robotic workplaces and assembly lines create specific tasks for which conventional robot grippers are no longer sufficient.



Brand new technology for inspection, pipe cleaning and repair.


Are you interested in our solutions or got a challenge for us? Let us know and let´s work together!