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Measuring in frontlight illumination – technique for industrial quality check

The method is based on the principle of image capture in frontlight illumination. It is usually used with soft diffuse light, but other lighting principles can be used. Most commonly, a part of the product (a surface or the required geometry) is scanned and evaluated, but the contours of the object can also be scanned and used as a profile projector for the evaluation.

Normally, the system is used for 2D tasks, however, when using appropriate calibration, it is also possible to work in 3D.

Measurement can take place in rotation, linear motion, or static position of the object.

Typically, this method is used to quality check of the completeness of products, the presence of required geometries, the presence of defects, robot navigation, etc.

Measurement accuracy is up to ± 0.03 mm.

Selected solutions for this method:

Dome control station for quality check of small products on the line

This universal control station is designed to be built into lines and control stations where a high production cycle and stability of output quality are required.


3D measurement and inspection of the dimensions of flat products

This type of device is designed for precise 3D measurement of surface dimensions of products on the lines but also in separate workplaces.


Inspection of outer and inner surfaces of products

Precise product surface inspection, including cavity control in products, using a borescope method.


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