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Measuring light radiating products

The method is basically based on backlight illumination, with the difference that the body’s own light radiation is used. Using a suitable combination of optics, it is possible to capture the contours of the warm product and then measure the desired parameters based on the data scanned (e.g. distance measurer in steel industry).

A special part of this method is thermal imaging, which allows you to capture products when they are even at lower temperatures than when radiating light. In addition to the scanned contours, it is also possible to perform an analysis of the temperature fields and merge the obtained information for a complete overview of the measured object.

Typical tasks with this method are in metallurgical and glass operations, the production of building materials, welding or separation of materials, monitoring of hot conveyors, etc.

Selected solutions for this method:

Inspection of extremely hot products

Our solution for automated optical inspection is a camera system designed for contactless measurement and control of hot objects, especially glass products and semi-finished products at a temperature of up to 1400 °C.


Rolled length measurement online

Our solution is a device for the measurement of the length of a rolled product on production lines of metallurgical operations.


Checking the leakage of hot glass

Cooled camera vision modules with additional viewing for difficult and specific conditions around the glass bath.


Quality control of mineral wool production

High-performance chillers with thermal machine vision cameras and special blowout system for optics protection.


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