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Triangulation method for distance measurements

Triangulation method is used for measuring 2D and 3D product parameters. The product is illuminated by a light line (usually a laser), and the resulting light footprint is scanned. By calibrating the camera system, the position of the light footprint in the room is then calculated and the required parameters are measured or the geometry is checked.

Measurement can take place in rotation, linear motion, or static position of the object.

Typically, this method is used for measuring and checking rolled or stretched products, measuring samples, robot navigation, checking the correct shape of a product, etc.

Measurement accuracy is up to ± 0.01 mm.

Selected solutions for this method:

Online laser measurement of rolled product profiles

The measurement of profiles of rolled products online is a contactless device that allows laser measurement of profiles of rolled cold and hot products directly in operation.


Component counting with production flow control

Measuring stations used for contactless component counting and product flow monitoring in the manufacturing process.


3D measurement and inspection of the dimensions of flat products

Zařízení je určené pro přesné 3D měření rozměrů plošných výrobků na linkách ale i na samostatných pracovištích.


Measurement of railway wheels and similar products – laser triangulation principle

The device is designed for contactless 3D measurement and control of the shape of railway wheels.


Measurement of rolling profile offline - Operating Equipment

A stand-alone operating equipment device for accurate 3D measurement of the dimensions of samples under heavy conditions of metallurgical operation.


Measurement of rolling profile offline - Laboratory equipment

This is a tabletop 3D product measurement device, based on the principle of laser triangulation.


Robot navigation using camera systems

Camera systems are designed for accurate navigation in production where positioning without feedback is no longer sufficient.


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