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Measuring components in backlight illumination

The solution is a measuring station used for contactless measurement of components and their quality assurance testing.

The system can be used in any workshop or industrial production where a part or all of the component parts must be inspected.

The system is based on a profile measurement method and allows you to quickly and efficiently evaluate the measured parameters to ensure the quality of the production process. Control devices can be tailored to specific customer requirements. It offers the possibility of evaluating and displaying deviations from the ideal shape in a drawing in CAD format. Additionally, it is possible to adapt the prism for storing the products based on customer requirements.

The device is designed to be placed in the office or in the production facility. With its simple robotic arm that handles controlled products, it performs a comprehensive chain of operations to minimize operator demands.

The solution also includes SW equipment and a calibration product. Thanks to the advanced calibration method, measuring accuracy can be up to ± 1 μm.

Technical parameters
Parameter Value Unit
Minimum dimension of the checked component 0,1×0,1 mm
Maximum dimension of the checked component 30×20 mm
Ambient temperature 5 to 35 °C
Measurement accuracy  from ±0,001 mm
Measuring speed up to 10 pcs/s
Power supply 230 V
Device dimensions (W × L × H) 950×250×500 mm
Communication interface Ethernet
Data archiving Yes
Connection with the superior system of the production line possible Yes
Comparison with CAD drawing Yes

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